Downloading Monday Board into Google Sheet

Good morning! Is there any way to download a Monday board (at the end of every month) to the same Google Sheet (and replace the existing rows every time it is run)?

I tried “List Board’s Items” [Monday] → “Add A Sheet” [Google Sheet] - which clearly doesn’t work because I need the Monday monthly download to replace the existing data in the sheet.

The reason it needs to be in the same sheet is that I am using that data dynamically to create a KPI tracker. Any ideas?

hi @Bryan_K
you can clear the rows before appending new rows into the sheet
this module might be heplful

Thank you for you reply! The issue with this method is that Module 10 will run and then Module 9 will run back and forth back and forth.

So what’s happening is that the rows will clear, then i will add a row, then the rows will clear, so on.

What I really want is for all the rows to clear and then to add the rows. How would I do that?

@Msquare_Automation also wanted to note that I tried a basic iterator/aggregator which didn’t work. But maybe I have the modules posted incorrectly?

You can first clear the values and then list the items
It works for this scenario