When I update a column value in an existing row in Google Sheets update the associated item in Monday.com

I’m hoping this is really simple I’m struggling to get it to work, the methodology is somewhat different to what I’ve been using before (Zapier).

I used Zapier to create the connection between my Google Sheet and whenever a new row is added it updates Monday. All good.

Zapier doesn’t give me the option to check if there’s been an update on the Google Sheet and update the associated item in Monday.com so here I am.

I have managed to create the Webhook in Google Sheets to Make using the extension in sheets.

Then I get stuck, I think I’m using the right Monday.com module

But its this I’m hitting a brick wall with. I don’t really understand the syntax, am I mapping columns to columns (i,e columns in Google sheets match the ones in Monday - I have kept them identical) but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the only options I’m getting in that screenshot are references to the Google Sheet, and there’s a big list of things of which I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing at this point.

I’ve trawled through help topics and community questions as it seems to simple, and I came across one that was kind of what I was trying to do and in there they are using ‘Get Range Values’ rather than the one I’m using which is ‘Watch Changes’

Its at this point that I was even more confused as I don’t seem to get any options that mirror the sheet, in terms of column headings etc just a big list of columns, ranges etc


When I update an existing row in Google Sheets, any column, I want to be able for that change to be updated in the associated item in Monday.com

Back to picking up all my hair off the floor!! :slight_smile:

Hello Matthew! Welcome to the Make community!

What you want to achieve is not very simple but it can be achieved, assuming you take the following points into consideration:

  • Be aware that “Watch Changes” will only trigger if cells are changed manually in your spreadsheet. It will never be triggered if for instance you modify a cell using the Google Sheet API. I suppose this is what you want to achieve, manually change data in Google Sheet, right?

  • You need an identifier in the spreadsheet (in one of the columns) that can be used to find the corresponding Item in Monday (for instance an email for a contact, a unique ID for any other object). It will allow you to know what Item needs to be updated in Monday.

  • You are right, the best is to use, after Watch Changes, “Google Sheet/Get Range Values”. It’s because, when a cell is changed and your scenario executes, GSheet sends the position and the value of the cell that was changed, but you won’t get the identifier of the object. So, the idea is to get the full Row (or at list the Identifier column) in which the modified cell is.

  • Once you know the Identifier of the object that was changed, and you have the position and value of the modified Cell, you should be able to update the Item in Monday, but you need to map the fields manually.

  • This point is more a question: If the item doesn’t exist in Monday, do you want to create it? Or do you want to ignore the update in Monday?

Can you please review the points above, and if you want me to help you, please send a sample Google Sheet (screenshot) and the corresponding Board in Monday (I need to see the fields you use there).




@Benjamin_from_Make is bang on – the approach you use to add the unique ID into your spreadsheet is the core issue here. Maybe you do this manually? Or maybe you have a scenario that reads your Monday.com items and matches them in the spreadsheet and adds the unique ID into the spreadsheet. One way or another there needs to be some link here. Maybe the link can be obtained by looking up some other value in the spreadsheet against a Monday.com object and then getting the item you wish to update in Monday? I don’t know but this has to be addressed somehow before you go much further.