Query from Excel column to specific Monday item Update section


I would like to query a column from an Excel365 sheet for import into matching monday.com Item Updates (ie: The Update section that is used for internal chat regarding an item in monday.com).

I have so far used these three make.com modules:

  1. MS Excel “Watch Worksheet Rows”
  2. Monday "Search items in the Board by Column Values
  3. Monday “Create an Update”

The excel module is configured as follows:

I ran the Excel module once, and it successfully fetched the Sheet data such that I can see the 1st 10 rows of row content in 2 bundles, so I seem to be set there. This is what I get:

(It is the “Notes” field that I am would like to query. (Context: It is a very long field that will not fit into any of the standard Monday.com text fields, so it needs to be added to item Updates instead).

I get stuck however at step 2. I have configured the module like this:

However, when I hit Run once, I see this, and I do not know what I am to enter:

When I force it run anyway, I see this error:

Can anyone help here?

I have only recently started my make training, and would appreciate any guidance here.


Dont run in this way as its a dynamic collection and it doesnot put a values on collection values ,

set the limit to for 1 module and run once
or choose where to start and choose record and , then run once ,


Thanks for the reply!

I kind of realized that after I posted. Once I did, I just hit Run once, leaving the limit at 2 for the Excel module. The Monday search module then ran well, but the next module - Create Update didn’t.

I have configured that as follows:

I get this error when I run once:

For some added context, the output from the Search Items in the Board by Column Values module looks like this:

Any additional guidance is greatly appreciated!!

Total number of bundle are 0. Which means it didn’t find any record.
Put a filter that if total number of bundle not equal to 0. Then create a update. So that it will person create update only if it finds a record


That’s strange because there are over 3,000 fully populated rows in that sheet. And, step 2 is trying to find an Item ID - by definition every item has a populated Item ID.

So I applied the filter, which prevented the error, but the bigger issue now is why there aren’t any bundles when the records that were grabbed by step 2 had both item ID… and a fully populated note… See Step 2 results below:

it shows no record found , I am monday certified as well can you show me the Monday side as well where this record exsist ,
can you cross check that you are doing the right matching and right board and values to search , thank you


I have been recently Monday certified as well - Great to know we have that in common!

I appreciate your assistance - it helped me to realize that my approach could be much simpler.

Instead of using make to find the Monday item ID and feed that into the module that creates an item update, I simply exported the board with the item IDs to excel, and used a VLOOKUP in Excel to add them to the rows there. I then created a 2 module make.com scenario that successfully added Excel column content to Contact item updates with matching Item IDs.

While I still would like to understand why my 1st 3 module attempt was not working, the need for that is no longer urgent since my goal has been achieved. I will definitely look into it though as I continue my make.com training.

This was my first success story with make.com - hopefully the 1st of many!

All the best, and thanks again!


Sound good and perfect.
If need any help ping me up.

Happy automation!!

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