Excel (Office 365) to Monday - update column values of a specific item

Hi there,

I’m trying to update values from a Microsoft Office 365 Excel to Monday via Make.

I’m starting with “Watch worksheet rows” and getting the values, then I want to update specific values to a Monday Item (using the “update column values of a specific item” function".

My problem is knowing the Item ID of the the Monday board, and making it dynamic.

On my Excel I have a field which equals to the “Item” on Monday. I used it as the Item ID, but getting an error since I guess the Name coming from the Excel is not the Item ID.

How do I update an item specific column value if all I have is the item name and not the Item ID? (-:


You will need to use the “search items in the board by column values” module and the column ID to search is “name” this will return the Item ID if the board has a matching item with this name. see the screenshot attached.

Hope this helps

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@Joseph_Honig Looks like exactly what I need ! Thank you so much, have a great weekend ! (-:

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a couple of follow up questions on this:

  • Does the function return the Item ID? I didn’t see one, maybe its because it didn’t find the item?
  • How to search in the “Item” column, seems like its not included in the list of available field “Column ID to Search the value” , any ideas?


  1. The function will return the item ID.
  2. The column ID is name

Thank you very much !