Pulling data from Column to item on Monday (webhooks)

I’m relatively new to Monday etc. I am part of a project that will be designed to get all members of the company collaborating in the same space. I am looking for help regarding a Monday automation/integration, That can help with the following issue:
I would like to have it setup so that when text is added to a Column, That text is pulled into the project/item name.
It would also need to be dynamic so if there is a change in one of the columns it would update the item accordingly.

Something like this [Column 1]/[Column 2] - [item name].

I’ve tried different in built and 3rd party options, but the best I can do is have it copied. So if the column has changed it adds to the item rather than changing it, leaving me with unnecessarily long Item names.

I’ve just got the free version, so if it’s possible through that, that would be great. But am also ok purchasing it if that’s what I need to do

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time


@DsaWaters Are you saying that your present automation is updating item name but not changing the item name?

And do you want to check only 1 specific column to update item name or are you talking about syncing the different items from one board to another.

If you need only one automation or say this automation then free plan is enough for you.


Hi Princy,

Thanks for getting in touch. As it stands currently I’ve turned off the automations. My last attempt i could create an automation that when column 1 changes and a text pattern to item {column1}, {item name}

The issue with this is, if I need to change the text in column 1, it will run the automation again. However at this point the item name already has column 1 in the item, so it would just add it again. So it would read as: Column 1, column 1, item.

I would want two text columns added to the item name, and if there’s a change to the column it replaces it, rather than just adding it a 2nd time.

Can you share screenshot of your settings with create/update monday item


Hi Princy,

Apologies for late response.

This is how I would like it to end up as.

This is my current blueprint. What I have may be completely off base, so any assistance would be appreciated.
blueprint.json (20.5 KB)

Thanks for your time.

Sordy but your blueprint doesnt work on my side peoperly. Can you paste screenshot of settings of update column value and then input and output what module is shoaing after it runs.

Princy Jain
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Hi Princy,

Please find below screengrabs requested.

If I understand correctly, I would need to add another value next to Parsed value to get the result I want. What would need to be selected, in order for it to update the output when scenario is run rather than replace it?

Thanks again