subitems question: (formula to text via make)

Hi all,

We didn’t touched yet, so looking for some tips and tricks.

Any suggestions how we can deal with this? We would like to have the formula converted to a text or number column?


There are already apps in Monday, that might help … look at in the Marketplace … General Caster or Magic Columns… although I think from you picture it looks like the columns are actually in a subitem, so they may not provide what you need.

To do with Make, we can actually get rid of the formula column as the formula needs to be in Make… lets say the formula was “{qty} * {price}”…

  1. In Make create a scenario then starts with a Monday Webhook (copy the webhook address)
    Add a Get Monday Item object, using the boardId and pulseID from the webhook, and get the QTY and PRICE columns
    Add a “Update Monday Item” that uses the boardID and PulseID from the webhook, map the output field as “saldo sprint” and in the value field use MAP and enter QTY * PRICE
  2. In Monday setup 2 x Integration using Webhooks, “when subitem QTY column changes send WEBHOOK” and “when subitem PRICE column changes send WEBHOOK” pasting in the webhook address from Make.

Now when the Monday QTY or PRICE are updated it will send a trigger to Make, Make will get the QTY and PRICE from Monday and then push the TOTAL back to the field you choose.

This is just a quick example.