Bug when adding Android Push Notification event?


I noticed that when you try to add the Andriod Push Notification event in the scenario builder it does not recognize the device that was already created and asks for a new device and presents a new QR code. This seems to be a bug in the IDE? The other Andriod events like send sms or make call etc seem to recognize the device and present that in the pulldown to be chosen for that module. So the notification one seems to be the only one affected.

Include screenshots of

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Hello @Louis_Bellanca

I see that you opened a ticket with us and that the support team investigated this and gave you this advice. I’m sharing it here for the benefit of the community. :arrow_down:

Make Support response:
We looked into this and it appears to be a device-specific issue. We tried with OnePlus on our end and it seems to be working fine. Can you please give it a try by using a different device on your end?

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