🎥 Building Software Product with Make

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Just wanted to bring your attention to a recording of the latest webinar hosted by our brilliant Solutions Architect Dan. During the webinar, Dan showcases a whole bunch of magical solutions related to using Make while building a software product. Why would you do that? That’s easy - in order to minimize costs and save time :make:

:purple_circle: Licensing & Onboarding

When the user starts interacting with the product, it’s necessary to figure out whether they have a license. That’s when Make checks a database to see if the user already exists.

→ If the user exists, the scenario goes on to check whether the user has a valid license.

→ If it’s a new user, Make:

  • creates a new user in a database
  • sets all relevant dates
  • calculates license status
  • sends the user an onboarding email with instructions on how to use the product

:purple_circle: Invoicing & License Distribution

When somebody wants to purchase the product, they trigger a payment event that:

  • generates a matching invoice
  • sends the invoice to the customer
  • assigns a license to the user in a database
  • (if needed) assigns the license to another user

:purple_circle: Failure/Expiration Emails

When the user purchases the product, they have an option to subscribe to failure emails. As a result of that, they get automatically notified about issues in the product. Similarly, there’s a different scenario that lets the user know when their trial period and/or license are expiring.

Check out the good stuff! :arrow_down:


This is great. We use these techniques for our license generators on all our WildApricot addons.

Not sure why data stores aren’t used more in these scenarios. There must be a good reason.

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