Bulk Update "Cost" field on Shopify

I have a Google Sheet with 900+ products and each of their total cost. I would like to copy paste these costs to the Shopify field “product cost”. Is it possible?

Basically I would need Make to search for the product’s SKU and cost in the Google Sheet. Then find the product’s on Shopify based on the SKU and update the product cost accordingly.

Can you tell me how my Make scenario should look like? I’m not a coder at all

Thank you for your help,

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.15.54

There’s not really a way to bulk update stuff using the Shopify API. They usually work on single items at a time (e.g.: get single product, update single product).

It’s best if you can actually export a CSV of all the products in a Shopify store, then manually change them, and export them back, or use a bulk editor UI, like Matrixify - Matrixify - Bulk Import Export Update Migrate | Shopify App Store.

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