Shopify to Google Sheets (Multiple Product SKU)

Hi, I want to extract following order details from my shopify order to a google sheet:
Order ID (works)
Customer Last Name (works)
SKU via Line Item SKU (works)

My Make Automation works perfectly with one product orders. But if there are multiple-product Orders I receive SKU of Product 1 in every column I place “line Item SKU”.

How can I configure my automation that I have the individual sku of the ordered products in separate columns?

I heared about the iterator and configured it with line items but still doesn´t work.

Thanks for your help

Include screenshots of

  • your scenario setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
  • module configurations and outputs
  • any error messages you are getting

May peace be upon you @AntonRefrange

Can you provide a screenshot of you iterator settings?


Thanks for your kind response, attached you see the iterator setting and the google sheets settings. Please keep in mind I have no coding experience and downloaded make yesterday :wink:

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If I have this order, this is the output I am looking for. Every SKU in one coloumn. If two products ordered, then two SKU columns. If four products ordered, then four SKU coloumns.

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Used the iterator to split the multiple sku arrays thanks! :slight_smile: @Automate_with_Rezwan

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Hello @AntonRefrange welcome to the community :wave:

I just want to say congratulations on getting this up and running with the nudge of @Automate_with_Rezwan :clap:

Thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind and for stepping back in here and sharing your final setup with us. This kind of info is gold and could be super helpful for many others, especially since dealing with arrays often calls for a good old iterator. :pray: