Shopify & Google Sheets - collect all "Line items" on new orders

Hey y’all.
I’ve just started using this platform and it sure looks promising for my needs.
I was able to create a scenario when a new order is added in Shopify, Make will process it and make a new Row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

This works for when the user only ordered 1 item (a new single row is added in Google Sheets). but how do I make it collect multiple items, in cases when the order has more than 1 item purchased? preferably it will be in a new row
(but could also be in the same cell, I saw a another Topic here about aggregating the data in the same cell - Best Method to Iterate and Put All Iterations in One Google Sheets Cell )

Thanks and glad to join, Yotam.

I’ve solved the scenario after some trial and error;
I’ve added an Iterator module between Shopify and Google Sheets, that collects all the array of “{{3.line_items}}”
Then in Google Sheets I mapped the relevant fields (item name, quantity etc) to collect the information from that array.
now every item has its own row in google sheets.

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Heya @yotam_levi welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community, we truly appreciate that! This can come in very handy for someone who has similar questions in the future :pray:

Also, awesome work figuring it out on your own! :muscle: