Shopify & Google Sheets - collect all "Line items" on new orders

Hey y’all.
I’ve just started using this platform and it sure looks promising for my needs.
I was able to create a scenario when a new order is added in Shopify, Make will process it and make a new Row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

This works for when the user only ordered 1 item (a new single row is added in Google Sheets). but how do I make it collect multiple items, in cases when the order has more than 1 item purchased? preferably it will be in a new row
(but could also be in the same cell, I saw a another Topic here about aggregating the data in the same cell - Best Method to Iterate and Put All Iterations in One Google Sheets Cell )

Thanks and glad to join, Yotam.

I’ve solved the scenario after some trial and error;
I’ve added an Iterator module between Shopify and Google Sheets, that collects all the array of “{{3.line_items}}”
Then in Google Sheets I mapped the relevant fields (item name, quantity etc) to collect the information from that array.
now every item has its own row in google sheets.


Heya @yotam_levi welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community, we truly appreciate that! This can come in very handy for someone who has similar questions in the future :pray:

Also, awesome work figuring it out on your own! :muscle:

Hi Yotam,
I am envious as I am still stuck. I can’t seem to get it to put the multiple items from the customer on their own separate rows. How did you do that?

this is an export of the blueprint. its a json file. you can Import this blueprint from the “Control” menu I think. maybe it can help…

its a 3 step scenario.

1st step is the “Shopify Watch Order”, like so:

2nd step is an Iterator module that collects an Array of (in my case) “Line Items” which in shopify refers to each separate Product, meaning every unique product will get its own row.

3rd step is sending to Google Sheets, using a “Add a Row” module of Google Sheets.
you first need to create a sheet in Google, with the relevant Column heads that you want. for me it was the customer name, number, which products they bought and so on.
then you can link to the Google Sheet in Make, and map the relevant fields collected from shopify.

hope this makes sense.

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I have received an email from integromat/make
that with the change of the new shopify API, watch order is eliminated.

How can we do this excel with each order that comes in without this option.

In the email it said to add search client or view client to your scenarios to access the required properties.

but I don’t know exactly how to put it so that every time I enter a new order I create the line in excel

How are you going to do it?