Best Method to Iterate and Put All Iterations in One Google Sheets Cell

We are a Shopify Ecommerce Store.

We work with a small International shipping service that creates shipping labels manually for us whenever we update the order information in a shared Google Sheets.

I have a process for orders with 1 item, no problem.

But if an order has multiple items, I need to figure out a way to condense a specific detail of the order’s line items into one cell.

For example, an International customer buys 3 items, quantity 1 of each: A Shirt, A Hat, and Glasses.

Shopify sends the line items separately in an array within the overall order information. I need to figure out how to put the product titles of each item in one google sheets cell separated by commas. I also need the Qty of each separated by commas.

So cell A2 is Shirt, Hat, Glasses
Cell B2 is 1,1,1

I know I can iterate. And I know there’s an array aggregator tool, but not sure how that works or if that will work for my use case.

Any and all help is appreciated in advanced!

Hi @dsaaron,

have you tried the text-aggregator? This way you can iterate through the array, aggregate each item into one text-variable and input this into your one Google Sheets-Cell.

Hope it helps!

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Lke @Richard_Johannes suggests the text aggregator within “Variables” is probably what you are looking for.
However, my question is; why would you create shipping labels manually (or them)? There are plenty of ways (and we’ve developed lots of them) to create any kind of shipping label (and print them) automatically.

Let us know!

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