Woocommers items line to Google Sheets

Hello everyone,
I’m using Make (integromat) to transfer order data from Woocommerce to Google Sheets.

I’m struggling with orders that have more than one item. When I import it to Google Shets I can see only one of the items. I would like to add all items in separate rows.

Can you assist me, please?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @froun
Before the Google sheet step add an Iterator module and within the iterator map the products[] variable from woocommerce.

Then it will iterate each products within an order into separate rows. The next step is to map the values from the iterator to Google sheet.

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Thank you for your reply!

I have the following situation. In the data from woocommerce I’m able to see all products

But then in the iterator I can see only one of them. I’m doing something wrong or I don’t get the point?


Here its easier to see that only one of the collections/products is imported

You’ll only see one item in the display to map items (star element). If you look at the output bundles of the woocommercbe download you’ll see all the other data.

Your iterator should run through the Lineitems[] array and work through each collection in the array.

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In the iterator comes only one of the products still



blueprint.json (24.5 KB)

The input array only has one collection so the iterator won’t do more than one. Your order needs multiple items.

It has 3 items. You can see them 2 screenshots above.

Item lines

The Map function may help, but not sure. I had a similar issue and Make support was able to help me. Not sure if it’s the same problem, though.

{{map(MAP_TO_LINE_ITEMS_ARRAY; “value”; “key”; “Name”)}}

This says "Look into the Line Items array, pick the item whose key is “Name”, and give me the value .

How is your iterator mapped? If it’s consistently only doing one line then it means you only have one line item or you need to remove the 1