BundleValidationError for Google Drive download

My scenario is pretty straightforward, use Google Drive watch module to trigger workflow when a transcript file is put in a folder, use Google Drive download module to download, use Chatgpt create a completion module to summarize and Trello create card module to put the results there.

I was pretty annoyed with the Google Oauth, because after a few days the connection would drop off, so I sort of messed around with modules, and now I am getting an error in the Googe Drive download module.

My settings for this module is pretty straightforward so I’m not sure what’s wrong.

The first module is working without any problem.
My Google Oauth scope should be correct, added the auth/drive and auth/drive.readonly.

Not sure what the problem is now, please help, thanks!

Hi @Andy,

Are you getting the File ID from the Watch Module? Can you check if you are not getting any empty data in the Watch Module?


I did get data in the watch module.

Hi Andy, did you ever figure out what the issue was? I’m having a similar issue. Thanks.

Hi Ashley, I did not figure out the solution so I gave u on Make. Haven’t used it since.

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Some things to check:

  • Make sure there is output from the first module “Watch files”. If there is no file in there, the mapped variable will not work
  • Make sure your gDrive Download module is working correctly by statically adding a file ID. If this works, you probably miss the variable from the first module
  • Check if you have all the required authentications
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Hi there.

From your first screenshot, it seems to me that you have run the “Download a File” module on its own by using the “run this module only” option after right-clicking the module. Is that correct?

While testing the modules one by one, you always need to provide the module with data that substitutes the data carried by the variable from the previous module. I believe the modules ask you for the input data before they allow you to run them on their own…

So, if you want to test the “Download a file” module on its own, just copy the file ID directly from your Gdrive or from any historical output of the previous module.



wow. thank you. i might be next.

This is happening to me when I run the entire scenario, not just when i try to run the “download a file” module on its own.

Also, the form is not giving me the option to map it, but I can copy and paste the file id’s url from my “search for a file” modules. If I do this, I’m thinking it will always pull those specific file id text, and not whatever the recent and updated url is. Why isn’t there an option to map the file id’s there?

Hi @Ashley , it looks like you are still just running that one module. If you would be running the full scenario you would see output icons above each module.

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