Google Drive Download File module not receiving File ID from Watch Files module

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working with an automated process that involves Google Drive, where I’m using a “Watch Files” module followed by a “Download a File” module. I’ve encountered an issue where the file ID from the “Watch Files” module isn’t being successfully passed to the “Download a File” module.


The “Watch Files” module works as expected—it watches a specific folder and produces an output with the file IDs of new or modified files. However, when this output should be used as the input for the “Download a File” module, the process acts as if the field is empty and fails to download the file.

What I’ve Tried:

  • Data Mapping Verification: I’ve double-checked the mappings between the two modules, ensuring the output variable from “Watch Files” is correctly referenced in “Download a File.”

  • Manual Input Test: To isolate the issue, I manually entered the file ID into the “Download a File” module. This test was successful, which indicates the module itself is functional.

  • Workflow Variables:I have created a new account and have the same issues. I have even used the same process for and have exactly the same issues.
  • Review of Automation Tool Documentation: I’ve gone through the tool’s official documentation without finding a clear solution to this specific issue.

Stuck At:

Despite the above steps, the automatic transfer of the file ID from “Watch Files” to “Download a File” does not occur. It seems to be an issue with the automation tool’s handling of the data transfer.

Any ideas? About ready to use another service to overcome this issue.

Thank you world in advance for any help at all!!!

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Hi @hbwork_Bent ,

From what I see in your third screenshot is that you prefix the file ID with a slash. Try to remove the slash and retry executing your scenario.

Glenn - Callinetic


Thank you @Callinetic for suggesting removing the slash from my configuration. I had inserted this slash as part of my problem-solving process. I’ve implemented the change of removing it but unfortunately, the issue persists.

New Observation:
Additionally, I’ve encountered an issue I had not highlighted. When I trigger the workflow by clicking the designated run button, the “Watch Files” module activates and outputs data as expected, but this does not lead to the “Download a File” module interacting with the received data. It is only when I secondary click the “Download a File” module and ask for it to “run this module only,” am I prompted to enter the file ID on a Mappings prompt (see above).

There seems to be a disconnect despite the correct output being generated.

Hi @hbwork_Bent, since now this is a completely new issue, could you re-provide the screenshots of the trigger module’s Output Bundle, and the Download a File module’s fields/mappings?


Hello, I am getting a similar error, but I’m trying to (download a file) from a (search for file/folder) Google Drive mod. Please help–I’ve ensured I’m logged in correctly in my account on both ends, and that files are in this folder to match the query. The files are being searched successfully, and the search mod output is giving me the file id. Not sure what else to do, but I need to hurry up and get going so I hope someone helps me soon. I am wasting credits trying to do this over and over.

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In future, please create a new thread for each question. This makes it easier for others with the same problem to search for answers, and gives your question higher priority since it’s new. Thank you for your cooperation!

Did anyone ever answer this question? I too cannot get the google drive “watch files and folders” module to pass new files through the automation and it’s driving me nuts!!