Calendly: How can I access information from the bundle output?

Hello everyone,

I’m setting up a calendly scenario to inform me about new calendly events on slack and add the event to my CRM in notion.

When someone schedules a call in calendly they have to answer two questions.

When I run the calendly “watch events” module on make I can see the two questions and their respective answers in the bundle output.

“Questions and Answers” → Position 0 and Position 1

But when I try to access this output in the following modules for slack and notion or event the filters in between I can only map the answer of one question (the second one, position 1). I cannot see/map the question and answer of the first questions (position 0).
This first question is also the standard question from calendly “Please share anything…”

Can someone help me here, please?

Is there a way to still map that question even though it doesn’t show up in the mapped list of items?

Thank you very much for your help.
I’m of course always happy to provide more context/information if needed.

If your answers (inside that array) are always in the same position, you could get them directly by doing this:

Example array:

We get the 1st and 2nd answer by mapping 1 and 2

And this gives the following result:


Hello @NolaDigital, thank you so much for your quick response and sorry for my late reply now.

I tried your suggestion it really works fine. so, really grateful for your input.

Unfortunately I found out now that if someone only answers one question the array consists also of only one collection. But I think I can handle that with if statements.

Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it.

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