Grab Answers (Response) from Calendly Event

Hi all,

Customers can book an appointment in Calendly. On the Calendly page are some questions (10 Questions). I want to transfer the answers to HubSpot.

But Calendly one give 1 question in the array.

From Calendly I get an Array what look like this:

So i tried two different things this in HubSpot Module:

First was, to enter a position from the array:

But the result is, that I only have the numbers in HubSpot, not the answers.

The secong was mapping:

Well, does not work.

Last thing I tried was an HTTP GET with this

and I activated the Parse-option.

The Output is a Bundle with a bunch of collections, but again, in the HubSpot Mudoule i cant access them. Maybe some has an Idea how to accees the collections in this output bundle?!

Without Parse-Option I get the raw Jason.

Does someone have an Idea how to get the Response / Answers ?!

Thank you much!

Hey @guuyef , you can do this by iterating over the array and then using a “Text Aggregator” to create a nice looking summary. This you can then use the the rest of the scenario.
Below is an example, look at the “iterator” green and the “text aggregator”

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Thank you much @Bjorn.drivn !

can you show me, how you configure these Modules?

What do I have to input in Text aggregator?!

Hi all,

just for the other who has the same issue. Here is my solution:

This is the whole automation

On HTTP Request I did:
URL = Calendly Uri
Method = GET
Header = Authoriziation with Bearer Token and Content-Type with application/json
Body type = raw
Content-type = JSON
Parse response = YES

Then iterate on the answers fiels:

Set Variables like:

And map the variables in the HubSpot Module:

Error Handler ist “if already exists” > ignore.

Hi there @guuyef :wave:

I just wanted to take a moment to jump in and give you a big shout-out for keeping the community in the loop and for sharing your solution with us! Awesome that you managed to figure this out :clap:

Keep up the great work :muscle:

Hey @guuyef just to come back on this quickly, this would create a new contact for every question field you have. Instead of doing this, I recommend using the aggregator I provided above.

The aggregator could look like this, where the seperator in this case is an HTML tag to properly create HTML.

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