Calling SugarCRM users

Just a quick note to any SugarCRM users (I know there have been a few Topics on SugarCRM in the past).

We’ve recently added full support for Custom Fields and for Comment Log Entries. Now, you don’t need to use the Make an API Call module to access or set these!

  1. Custom fields in Create / Update modules are fetched dynamically from your own SugarCRM instance.

  2. Comment Log Entry

  • the parameter Comment Log Entry was added to mappable parameters of all Update modules
  • a toggle parameter Record View was added to the Get modules to allow users to see Comment Log Entries in the output (the Record View is set by admin in SugarCRM and can be different from the standard output)

Hi David

I can see the custom fields when Sugar triggers a save event via webhook, but if I try to use the SEARCH process on the table it always seems to return 0 items no matter what I put.

Eg. the custom field shown in the Webhook is “a_project_code” with a text value of “1234”… but if I use this in the Search as the fieldname and set for exact match with a value 1234 if returns no bundles !

Any ideas?.

Hi Matt. That’s an odd one!

I’d suggest raising that as a support ticket - click on the orange ? at the lower left of your Make Scenario Builder and select “Contact Support”.

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