Calucalte Start and End of the Week Date

Can you please help figure out the date formulat to get the Start of the current week Date and End of the current week date.

Current week is relative to when the scenario is executed.

Edit: Figured it out.

(setDay(now; 2) to (setDay(now; 7)
{{formatDate(setDay(now; 2); "MMM DD")}} to {{formatDate(setDay(now; 7); "MMM DD")}}

Hello @slyfox Great, you figured it out Please mark yourself as solved

Solved. See initial post.

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Iā€™m just quickly jumping in to say awesome work figuring this one out on your own :clap: Also, thanks a lot for stepping back in here and sharing what did the trick for you. This is can be incredibly helpful to many others searching for similar information in the future :pray:

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