Can I make a Google Sheets document public?

Hello, I have a file I want to be downloaded, in my scenario, a sheets file gets created from a template, specifically a sheets file but I want to download it as a pdf using the following format:

I have tried using the “get a file” HTTP module but since the file permissions are by default not public it goes to a login page instead. Is there a way to change permissions with a google sheets module? So that I can download it using the “get a file” module? I cannot manually change the permissions as the sheet is created in the same scenario and is made for specific one time use.

Thanks -Ezra

Hi Ezra,

You should use the “download file” module of the Google Drive application and toggle ON the advanced settings and select convert file to pdf. This way you can use your PDF downstream in your scenario without making your document public.


Thank you so much, I had no idea that was a feature!

Many thanks -Ezra

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