Google Docs - "download a document" module

Second newbie question :wink:
i just tried the “download a document” module from the Google Docs App.
The scenario (Airtable - watch records > Google Docs - make a document from template > Google Docs - download a document) run until the end without error but i can’t find the pdf files that it should have downloaded somewhere: there are not in my macOS download folder, not in my Google Drive.

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Heya @Vincent_Pelletier :wave:

You see, the “Download” module simply gets the doc without actually placing it anywhere. You need to use another module to continue working with the doc.

For instance, if you want the Google Doc in a specific folder on your Google Drive, you’d use the “Upload a File” module and define where exactly you want to upload it.


Hi @Michaela,

it worked, thanks for the advice!
If I may ask, what does the advanced setting “Convert a file”?
Does it convert for exemple an Excel/Word file into a Google Sheets/Docs document?

Hi @Vincent_Pelletier,

On the download module you can convert Google documents into other outside formats. On the upload module, it is the other way around. You can convert documents in “non-google” format into a Google document, for example, you can convert an Excel Spreadsheet into a Google Sheet.


hi @loic.wiseflow