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Hi all,
How could I convert an uploaded doc / docx to pdf using the google drive functions? Tried with uploading, downloading functions, etc - but the Web View Link is empty for example.

I know how to do this when the input is google doc, but the same doesn’t word with docx…


Hello @karla,

When you use Google Drive Download a File module, you can select PDF in the “Convert Google Documents Files to Format” dropdown under Advanced settings:


Hi @Donald_Mitchell - Thanks for the hint, but this is exactly what we did and it’s not working. The document that needs to be converted is not a Google Doc, its a docx. With the Google Doc - it works 100%. But with the docx - no…

none of these seem to work:

Have you tried converting it to Google Doc format after upload?
Google Drive Upload a File (Show Advanced Settings → Convert a File = Yes → Target Google File Type = application/

Then, maybe you will be able to download as PDF?

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The Google Docs/Sheets exports links are as follows:<file_id>/export?format=pdf<file_id>/export?format=pdf

Use the HTTP “Get a File” module with these links.




Folder link to view the files: Document Export Test - Google Drive


Real DOC and DOCX files used:



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How you made it work?
Not working on mine.

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