How to convert a specific worksheet to pdf

I tried to convert a specific worksheet to pdf using pdf .co and it converts the first sheet (some numbers and 23 pages which are empty) instead of the second sheet which i want it to. I added the worksheet index number to the module settings and it is not converting the one i want. Is there another way to convert the google sheet to pdf ? Also how can i tell it to just convert the content (charts & graphs) and not add empty pages.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 15.43.03

Hi Zak,
I would suggest that you use the Google drive module’s “Download File” and then set the “Convert to Format” in the advanced settings where you could set the file type to PDF
Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help, Fario. It worked. However, I’m looking to convert and send only the “Assessment Report” worksheet. I couldn’t find this option in the Google Drive module settings.

Additionally, is there a method to edit the PDF before it’s sent to the user? The converted PDF charts are cut off on some pages, and there are Google Sheet grids present. Is there a way to remove those?