Trying to convert a PDF from Google Drive to Google Sheets (or xslx) using CloudConvert


I am trying to convert a PDF from Google Drive to Google Sheets (or xlsx) using CloudConvert but am getting the following erros:

“The operation failed with an error. convert (UNKNOWN_ERROR): PDF header not found. The file is not a valid PDF document., export/url (INPUT_TASK_FAILED): Input task has failed”.

I have no idea what is “PDF header not found”. The document is a normal pdf with some headers, text and financial tables.

Please, what can I do?

Between module [1] and [4], you’ll need to use a “Download a file” module.


Hi samliew,

Thanks for the reply. Did your scenario work? I added the “Download a file” module and get the same error.

Any idea what can be? Maybe the way the pdf is structured? I have no idea.

u can check is it url of pdf from drive is valid or it is public.


It is public.

Could not solve it yet.

Can you upload a copy of the excel file here for testing? It might just be that particular file causing issues.


Try to use the “Download URL” from the modulo Get a Share Link with the configuration showed in the image