Can I use Make to build integrations to my own Oracle DB?

There seem to be integrations to SQL Server but not Oracle and no general ODBC or JDBC integration.

That’s true. Check out the idea exchange for voting on these. They would be enterprise apps.

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@Michael_Friedman there are many service partners on this platform - you could get a custom integration by posting here an app request: Professional Services - Make Community

Maybe someone is willing to develop this. Do you have a potential test account to create this app?

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@SebastianMertens I do not think it is reasonable for us to pay to build Oracle integration.

In contrast, Make already has plenty of other DBs - see for example.

In the past I have seen that Apps has been developed without further charges if they can be reused. How important is this App to you?

At this point, not hugely.

We are deciding how to move forward and if we want to migrate from Monday to Oracle APEX.

All plans to deal with this are going to push back into early 2023 because we are majorly impacted by the shutdown of one of our fintech service providers which got announced yesterday.

Going forward, this is an issue on what platform we choose. We like Oracle and APEX and fits in well with my knowledge base so I can work closely with developers… but we could develop on a different platform if necessary.

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Where Make doesn’t (yet) have a specific app, you can always use the HTTP app to send a suitable request to a REST API endpoint.

Oracle Apex has a REST API. But of course that’s different from talking directly to the underlying Oracle database.

There is a REST-Enabled SQL service (search Google for details) for the underlying Oracle RDBMS that can be used to send SQL statements by an HTTP POST request.

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