Need an integration for Dolibarr

Need help to develop integration to Dolibarr. Have no clue on how to build my own app in make

Hey @itiliti,
You can develop the integration with Dolibarr through its own API. If you plan to use Dolibarr in many scenarios we could develop the app and the modules you need. Otherwise if you plan to use it only in a few scenarios I would recommend to use the HTTPS module to perform API actions.
Would you like to schedule a call to review the needs from your project and discuss which one is the most effective solution?


Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis

I think you have right when saying that I only need maybe an HTTP module. I was trying that, but I’m a newbe in Make world so have no clue on setting this up. I’m from Norway and my english talking is not that great, but maybe we can continue the chat here.

This project is for now a test project on how I can get information from PrestaShop (PS) into Dolibarr and from Dolibarr to PrestaShop.

I see that Make already have an app for PrestaShop. Before we maybe start I have to know how much you will take for this. Do you have a hourly price?

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Please check your message.
Thanks for your replay :slight_smile:

please develop Dolibarr, i need in many scenarios. i cant buy make without dolibarr. we works with dolibarr all company

do you know how to use dolibarr with http module? i need help

Hi @Maria_Miralles_Navar :wave:

You need to activate the “API REST” module, then you can request some url.

Available url are on http://yourdolibarrurl/api/index.php/explorer


My api rest is active in my Dolibarr and i am using this url: Nom d'usuari @ 16.0.2
make send the 200 bit is not doing nothing. i want my clients make the order in sheets and Dolibar take the order automatically
idk how to use your url. my scenario: