App development Costs

Hi Everyone,

I have an API and want to have a Module for this API. Does the Make-Team do the development or do I have to do it / hire professionals to do it for me?
Do you know which costs are associated with this?


You can hire a team to do this. We can also help you with it.

Let me know if you are interested.

@Richard_Johannes The Make team will most likely not develop this app, but it might be on the roadmap for the future.
If it is a simple API you can always use the HTTP module. With the HTTP module you can basically run any kind of REST API yourself without creating an app.

If you want it to be easier to manage I would advice to develop an app or hire an expert. Our team also develop these apps so feel free to ask me.
Depending on the amount of modules you want, the price differs. We can always have a call to see if you can do it over HTTP or need an app.

Richard I’ve seen costs that range from a few hundred dollars per end point to more than a thousand dollars per. Developing and testing new apps can get expensive.

Alright, thank you very much @alex.newpath, @Wemakefuture & . I guess it depends on the Authentication, general project volume and documentation.

I really just needed this range of $ amount to discuss this further or if Make-Team develops the Apps…

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You should put together some details and reach out to both Sebastian and Bjorn to get some idea of the effort and cost. It
depends on how many endpoints you want to implement and how polished the app needs to be as well in terms of user interface. Making and maintaining Make apps is really one of the secrets of Make that is for advanced Make developers.

And you can ask Make to develop the app but the timing may not be to your liking but if it happens it will be at no cost to you.