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Hi there,

I’m new to and I’m trying to figure out how everything works.
And as in my next project I will need a connection with an app (Exact) that doesn’t exist yet in, now my question is what would it take to make this custom app as I don’know how to add that yet. Can someone give me some tips about this? Else, how much that would cost if or someone else did this for me?

Thanks in advance.

This is a really great question that gets asked a lot and there is a lot of documentation on this already all over the Make help and here in the community. There are also courses on this available from 3rd parties. @AlexChekalov and could weigh in on their courses.

The Make app development kit is documented on Make help site.

On the community there are a few topics on this as well.


Hi @Synqbase

Basically, custom app development involves two steps:

  1. Connection
  2. Modules

Kindly go through the document:

If you need any support, please let us know.

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Thanx for answering @alex.newpath @Msquare_Automation,

I have looked around and have tried it myself but I couldnt really make it clear what I exactly needed and how to make it, I was wondering if it was easier faster and cheaper if I gave it away to or a 3rd party instead of giving it away to my developers and let them find it out or struggling myself because also is a new platform for them as well. + Exact has a huge API documention what made me lost haha, I know for sure someone with more experience building custom apps will have it easy thats why my question.

Well sure who not post a request for services in the proper category?

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