🟣 Make Academy News: API calls with HTTP modules

Hey Makers :wave:

Time to learn something new today! May we offer our new Academy course on API calls with HTTP modules as a resource? :books:

The Advanced certification has a brand-new course focusing on API calls with HTTP modules.

What knowledge will you gain during this course? :brain:

  • What are API calls
  • How to perform them using HTTP > Make a request modules
  • How to read API documentation
  • What is OAuth 2.0

You can also be excited about many cool, real-life use cases that will help you grasp all the new information.

By the end of this course, you will have connected HTTP modules to API, gained a great understanding of how Make works under the hood, and allowed you to easily make API calls. You’ll learn some important information about how we secure your connections to protect your data as well.

Start learning now and earn yourself another badge! :medal_sports:

PS: There are going to be further courses coming in Advanced certification. Stay tuned! :musical_note:


@vendy I saw somewhere talking about custom app course by make. Is that published? Where can i find that?

Princy Jain
Make consultant,
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In the partner training portal.