🟣 Make Academy News: Introduction to HTTP Course

Hey Makers :wave:

:mortar_board: Exciting news! There’s a new course in the Make Academy :mortar_board:

We’re gradually releasing content for the Make Academy’s next certificate - Make Intermediate.

The best part? We’ve just launched our third and newest course: Introduction to HTTP.

:make: In the course, we:

  • give an overview of HTTP
  • give a high-level explanation of HTTP in the real world and how it works within Make
  • touch on APIs, status codes, and how you can leverage HTTP if your app doesn’t exist in Make
  • cover a few activities where you can try out ‘GET’ and ‘POST’ in your scenarios
  • delve into introducing webhooks ahead of our next course (which is ALL about webhooks!)

Come check it out and earn your badge! :1st_place_medal: :student:


Hi @Michaela
Is there a timeline for these other three courses? I’m curious to know.


Hey Carlos

Paul here from the Make Academy. Thank you so much for your interest in the Acadamy and the Intermediate course! I can’t give exact dates on a timeline yet unfortunately. We want to make sure we produce the best content possible, that’s why it takes a bit more time sometimes. We are working on building and designing the next course of Intermediate (Webhooks), and we will post something here when it’s good to go!

Wishing you a lovely rest of the day!
Best wishes,