🟣 Make Academy: Course Overview

Hey Makers :wave:

:mortar_board: Kickstart your learning journey with our Make Academy!
Today we’d like to share a summary of all the available courses. Enroll now, and learn the essential skills to learn automation at your own pace! :mortar_board:

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  • Every certification contains various courses and units. :books:

  • Each certification aims to upskill Makers with some of the fundamentals of Make. :brick:

    • Make Foundation sets the groundwork for how to build your first scenario.
    • Make Basics largely focuses on data manipulation.
    • Make Intermediate dives deeper into using Iterators, Aggregators, and Webhooks.
  • A unit usually takes 5-15 minutes to complete, but the duration is longer for advanced courses. :mantelpiece_clock:

  • To earn a badge for the course, you need to complete all of the units and a short assessment to test your knowledge. :medal_sports:

  • Badges represent achievements and are valued by employers, so once you earn them feel free to share them with friends and colleagues on social media. :people_hugging:

:make: Let’s start with the Foundation level, offering beginners the perfect starting point on their learning journey.

1. Course - Setting up my first scenario

  • Scenario UI
  • Renaming, saving, and organizing scenarios
  • What is an app/module?
  • Configure a module
  • Connecting modules
  • Introduction to Mapping

2. Course - Expanding my first scenario

  • Adding a Router
  • Adding a Filter
  • More options with Filters
  • Overview of scheduling
  • Run once

3. Course - Introduction to Operations

  • Introduction to operations and operations counting
  • Check runs of scheduled scenarios
  • Subscriptions

4. Course - Introduction to Make UI

  • My Organization
  • Org/User settings
  • Team dashboard and roles
  • Templates

:make: Now, let’s move on to Make Basics to start deepening your knowledge.

1. Course - Modules, scheduling and bundles

  • Blueprints
  • Different types of modules - search
  • Different types of modules - action
  • Introduction to triggered
  • Scheduling your scenario
  • Introduction to bundles

2. Course - An introduction to data types and data structures

  • A brief introduction to Data Types
  • How to map Data Items
  • An introduction to Collections and Arrays

3. Course - Transforming data using functions

  • Introduction functions
  • Transforming Data - Text functions
  • Transforming Data - average ()
  • Transforming Data - formatNumber

4. Course - An introduction to aggregators

  • Introducing Aggregators
  • Numeric Aggregators in action
  • Text Aggregators in action

:make: Make Intermediate starts to introduce some of the more powerful tools and concepts, and explores the following.

1. Course - Introduction to Iterators and Array aggregators

  • Importing JSON into a new scenario
  • Iterating an array into bundles
  • Aggregating an array from bundles
  • Iterator and Aggregator use cases

2. Course - Using get () and map () functions

  • The get() function
  • The map() function
  • The get() and map() functions
  • The get(map()) use case

3. Course - Introduction to HTTP

  • Introduction to HTTP
  • HTTP to webhook

4. Course - Webhooks

  • What are webhooks?
  • Webhook concepts - URL query string
  • Defining and redefining webhook data structure
  • Webhook scheduling and webhook queue

5. Course - Error handling

  • Errors Overview
  • Error handling directives - Ignore, Rollback, and Commit
  • Retrying automatically - the Break directive
  • Error handling using routers and filters

6. Course - Intermediate Functions

  • Transforming date and time using functions
  • Conditional functions
  • String and array conversion functions part 1
  • String and array conversion functions part 2

:make: Finally, there is our Make Advanced which is now being gradually rolled out. For now, you can enroll into:

1. Course - Data stores and data structures

  • Data structures
  • Data stores
  • Data stores use case 1
  • Data stores use case 2

FYI: We’re going to consistently update this list and add links to new courses that our talented and enthusiastic Academy team produces!