🟣 Custom Apps Development Training

Hey Makers :wave:

:tada: We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new
Custom Apps Development Training! :tada:

:mortar_board: What does this training contain?

  • 37 lessons with 4,5 hours of video content
  • practical and theoretical challenges

:thinking: What is the purpose?

  • to explain custom apps development
  • to offer best practices
  • to prevent common mistakes

:mountain_snow: What is the journey of this training?

  • Level 1-4
  • earning the Specialty Badge

Let’s do this and learn more about custom apps on Make by acing this training! :muscle:


Hi! Could you provide with the link for this Training?

Hello @Kirill_D :wave:

You can find the link in the very first paragraph of the announcement or you can simply click here:


I’m curious: Has anyone completed this training? I had to submit multiple tickets to point out problems with the documentation and/or functionality (that have now been resolved) – but I am now awaiting a response to another problem affecting the practical exam at the end.

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Hi @vendy @Michaela,

First time using the partnertraining.make.com/ portal.

How do I sync the certs I have completed via academy.make.com?

Thank you,

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Hey there @Carlos_R :wave:

It’s great to hear that you’re trying out our Training! :tada:

As I am no expert on this, I asked someone wiser who is and will get back to you as soon as I have the answer.

In the meantime good luck with completing the Training! :crossed_fingers:


Hey @Carlos_R :wave:

so as I promised, I’m back with a response to your question.

You can not sync or upload your Make Academy certificates to our Custom Apps Development Training because they are two completely different courses and things.

Good luck with earning yourself the certificate :muscle:


Just in case anyone else stumbles on to this β€” there were (are still?) several bugs that were identified and validated and I just had to keep moving piece-by-piece until the next roadblock. I’ve given up on the certification, and have just started building custom apps without the certification – I think I’ll wait until I hear they’re done fixing problems and getting things cleaned-up.

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