Can Make run tasks based on an offset from some date? E.g. "two days before offboarding"?

How would I handle a scenario like: “run some task at 4pm two days before the offboarding date of some individual, as retrieved from the HRIS system”?
Or even: “run some task at 10am on the next business day after the onboarding date of some individual, as retrieved from the HRIS system”?

Here you go.

  1. In the first case, schedule a scenario for 4:00 pm every day. Here list all the individuals who are scheduled or marked for offboarding then use the filter to compare offboarding date i.e. offboarding date is equal to Now+2. It will process only the people who are going to offboard in Today+2 days.

  2. Second case, schedule the scenario to run at 10:00 am every day. List all the candidates marked for onboarding and apply a filter to get only whos onboarding date is equal to Now+1.


Hi @Manish_GrowwStacks , OK, so in Make this would be pull-based (check every day, as opposed to scheduling a task for a specific time).

It looks like your suggestion covers the first case perfectly.
It covers the second partially, although I think you meant Now-1 (one day after onboarding).
It does not cover the “next business day” part. I think I can see how that would work though. We would need to check whether Now is a business day maybe via a calendar integration.