Can’t connect to Google sheets

I cannot get make to initiate the dialog to connect to Google sheets. The process proceeds as if I have this connection, but since I don’t, I can’t access any of the sheets in the next steps of the process. When I click the button to connect to Google account, the dialog just proceeds to the next step and skips the connection process completely.

Hello @Marc_Dalby nice to meet you.

Can you please be more specific,we need more context to solve problems like this.You cand us some screenshots?
Have you followed this steps Google Sheets (

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hi @Marc_Dalby

Please follow any of the below methods to solve your issue:

  1. Sign out from all the Google accounts in your browser and authenticate the module again.
  2. Try authenticating from a private browser (Incognito window)

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