Can’t create API Call Amazon Seller Central

Encountering error ENOTFOUND

Console log seems to show that authorization headers are empty when they should not be and should be generated by Make.

How to recreate.
Create new scenario with seller central module selected and make an api call.
Put link below (you’ll need to add your seller account id where the X’s are) in the url with marketplaceIds as a query key with a value of ATVPDKIKX0DER

Here is the link with my personal info redacted

Set up the API call within the Seller Central module

  • Select “Make an API Call” as the action.
  • Choose the HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.).
  • Enter the API endpoint URL. Replace the ‘XXXX’ with your actual seller account ID and make sure to include the marketplaceIds query parameter with the value ATVPDKIKX0DER.
  • If required, add any necessary headers, parameters, or authentication tokens.
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Hi Cody,

this is Michal from the Product Management team @Make. Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to see you struggle with the Amazon Seller Central app.

At first glance this could be caused by entering wrong input into the URL field. Please note that the expected value is the relative path, as explained in the help message of the input field. Could you please try again and enter the value in this format:


instead of ?

Without further information it is quite hard for us to understand what might be the problem. If you still experience problems would you be so kind and open a support ticket with as much details as possible?

Thank you,

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