Can you automatically map Notion Page Content from different pages?

I’m trying to create a “Backlog updater” in Notion. I have two databases: clients and providers. Every page in these databases have a Block (Heading 2) named “Backlog”. Below it there is another block (Bullet list) summarising the last mail with the client and the provider (it is common that a client and a provider are in the same bullet threat.


What I need is a way of maping the second page block and add a bullet point with the new body of the mail. It needs to add the same bullet point to the page of the client and the provider. I can map the clients and providers page searching their email address in their respective databases. However, I don’t know how to map the page block where the backlog is.

Thank you in advance :grin:

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Hello @Cesar_Sanchez, did you try using the “Append a Page Content” Notion module in Make?

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