What can I map in the Notion module "Append a Page Content"?

What can I map in the Notion module “Append a Page Content”?

  • I have styled a template in Notion and I would like to rebuild the template using a Make Automation so that I don’t want to move, copy and correct the blocks again after executing the automation.

In doing so, I have encountered some problems:

  1. I have to connect a JSON module in front, otherwise the Content Objects will insert a string and this will lead to an error:

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
Array of objects expected in parameter 'objects.

Solution for 1):

  1. cannot find any documentation on what I can enter in the JSON. This causes further error messages to appear:

Function ‘children’ finished with error! Cannot convert undefined or null to object

[400] body failed validation: body.children[0].heading_2.annotations should not be present, instead was {"colour": "yellow_background"}.

In the screenshot I have sketched what I would like to do:

  • Insert 2 columns
  • Insert table of contents
  • H2 background with colour
  • Insert table

Hi! have you succeeded? Me too would be interested in the solution!

I am trying to create a Trello Card - Notion page scenario. Everything seems file, but in the end I got an error message when Notion module is activated: “Function ‘children’ finished with error! item[item.type].rich_text.forEach is not a function”

I did not find any useful tip so far.