Cannot append a pages database into new item in Notion

Hello Makers!

I have a tricky problem with appending a page content into a new item.

Im trying to append a database to another page, using the “append a page content” module.
Im getting the body of the page using the “Make a API Call” module:

I dont know if this is the right URL, i also have a different API that GETs the pages body, which works fine!

When i try to GET the children databases, the OUTPUT is empty:

Maybe the Notion API dont have these capabilities yet, but im asking how i can solve this problem.

This is the scenario link:
blueprint (2).json (330.5 KB)

Thank you in advance.

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So you want to append an entire database? If so I don’t think that’s supported.

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Have you tried “Append a Page Content” ?

You willl need the Page ID and you can add content to it?

You could also “Create a Page” into a Parent Page or database item as well, hope this helps

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I have the “append a page content” in the end of my scenario.

I found the problem, database views is not supported by the notion API. Thats why its empty when im doing the API call for the children databases, which is not ideal.


Hi @Orreed :wave:

While it’s unfortunate that you encountered this limitation with the Notion API, it’s still great that you found the root cause of this. Thanks a lot for sharing your findings with the rest of us! :pray:

FYI: I marked your last comment as a solution to keep the community organized and easy to search for answers.