Cannot properly use make with microsoft integrations

Hi, I try to create each month a new Sheet (named <month_name>) in an excel (with one scenario) → I am able to do this

Then I want to add a row into the new Sheet created with a disclaimer text.

I am not able to do this, because every time a new sheet is created on excel, the app returns: Invalid worksheet. Worksheet is empty.

I tried every single additional excel operation, but I was unable to do it.

Any kind of help would be appreciated!

Hello Andrei,

Could you add some screenshots:

  • one with the data mapping of the module 39 (Microsoft 365 Excel - Add a worksheet row)
  • one with the data source used to feed the module 39.



Hi, This is something I have been complaining to make about for over a month now. The modules that they have are not up to date and have no ability for bulk transfer which means that if you need to add 300 rows to a spreadsheet it will cost you 300 operations whereas Microsoft bulk transfer would be 1. I wonder why they have not done this yet?

Their help files on using the Microsoft API module are also incorrect and out of date which I have mentioned to them but have not seen an update yet.