How to add a new row to a Microsoft 365 worksheet saved in Sharepoint

Hi there Make community,

I have a survey 123 set up and want to add a new row to a Microsoft 365 spreadsheet every time a record is submitted. This was easy enough to set up with Google Sheets. I used the template. I have also started using the S123 and Microsoft 365 add a row to a worksheet spreadsheet, but then got stuck because the spreadsheet is in Sharepoint.

I’ve got a Microsoft 365 business login. I can see the excel document I have in My Drive, but I can’t figure out how to save/access it in Sharepoint.

Some questions I have:

  1. Should I be using Microsoft 365 Excel or Sharepoint to access/write into the spreadsheet or both?

  2. In the Microsoft 365 Excel app what is Site’s Drive and Group Drive?

  3. Where do I find my Group or Site ID?

  4. Why am I getting this error?

Some extra info.

The Excel spreadsheet is in a secure channel which I have access to. That secure channel sits within a team.

Can Make only write into Microsoft 365 Excel spreadsheets that are created in Microsoft 365? Not in desktop excel? Does it have to be a certain file format?

Thanks in advance for your help!