Microsoft Excel Connection with file in a Team (SharePoint)

  • Goal: I want to add a Table row to Excel file saved in Team’s channel files (Sharepoint site in the background). The data to be added come from Microsoft SQL Server query. I can save the data to Excel file saved on my OneDrive.
  • Issue: I can see only files saved on my Drive, Group/Site files show me 403 Error and Advanced Settings shows me AADSTS900971: No reply address provided.
  • Steps I have tried:
  1. Checked access
  • Verified access to the Excel file and the Team where it is saved
  1. Tried advanced settings
  • In → Microsoft Entra ID → App Registration → New App Registration was created.
  • Client Secret was created in Certificates & Secrets
  • Redirect URI was set to
  • filled in Client ID, Client Secret and Tenant ID
  • Encountered the error AADSTS900971: No reply address provided. in the Excel node on