Can't Access Variables after CSV Module

I need to feed Mailhook body to CSV and Mailhook Subject line to Dropbox (set file name as). I can’t figure out how to retrieve the subject line. After CSV module, the only option is the text from CSV.

Hello @slyfox,

On the CSV module, scroll to the bottom and enabled Advanced Settings.
In Group By, select the Subject from the Mailhook module.
The result will be a collection where the “Key” (or IMTKEY) will be the Subject.

Another possibility is just added a Set Variable module between Webhooks and CSV, set the Subject in there, then Dropbox should have access to it. This method uses more Ops, though.


@Donald_Mitchell Thank you for the idea.

Method two does not seem to work. If I add CSV between Set Variable and Dropbox, Dropbox loses access to the variable.

Sorry about that, I wrote one thing while thinking about something else.
After Webhook, try putting in a router, then on the first route set variable and set the subject to a variable.
On the second route, add your CSV module.
After CSV and before Dropbox, add a Get Variable and get the subject.
This in inefficient though.

Depending on what exactly you’re doing, I think a better way to handle it would be to add an Iterator and CSV module then just Iterate on the array you need from the Mailhook.
That should allow Dropbox access to the subject from within Mailhook.

Have you tried the fist method and grouping by Subject in the CSV module?


I think don’t even need to create a CSV. I am trying to save this data as a CSV to Dropbox.

XYZ Company, Boba Fet, 33

I can simply tell Dropbox to save a plain text with a CSV extension. On my Mac, it opens up as a CSV file.

If the body of the message is already a CSV then you don’t need a CSV module.
If that’s the case, just try passing the body of the message directly into Dropbox’s Data field.