How to use data after creating csv file?


I am trying to achieve the following:

  1. As soon as someone enters their information on one of our Unbounce Landingpages, a csv is created → I solved this
  2. After that, the csv file should be send via Mail → I solved this

The problem is, I want to insert the information from the first step in the mail content as well. But I can only choose the stuff from the “Create CSV” - Step, I can’t insert the content from my First Unbounce step, I guess because I use it as a source module for the “Create csv” Step?
CleanShot 2022-05-25 at 12.20.06

How can I still insert the data from the first step in the mail as well, in addition in creating a csv from this

Hey @Benmake,

Great to see your question here in the community! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to clarify that this is a community of Make users helping out and sharing knowledge. This means we don’t have access to any of your scenarios, organizations etc.
It’s therefore always best to share some screenshots so that the community can see what’s going on in your scenarios visually.

Detailed information could be provided for example by an:

  1. overview of your scenario setup (functions, mappings, variables etc.)
  2. the input area of the module you are having trouble with
  3. the output area of the module you are getting data from

Thank you!

In case you think this is not needed, please disregard this message. I have send this message by automation since you don’t have any attachments.

Hi @Benmake
Create CSV is an aggregator module that combines data from multiple arrays into one. If you want to use it that way you can use a set multiple variable module inbetween and connect that to csv that way you will be able to map unbounce in email module.