Insert a new line with text to a CSV

I have a simple workflow that populates a CSV with some data from AirTable.

Is there anyway to add a new line with specific text that is not in AirTable but rather a constant piece of text that needs to be set as the first line above the columns of the CSV file.

Could you provide an example of the CSV file, and what you want to insert?

Can you provide screenshots of the scenario overview, module mappings, etc.?


Please see the attached screenshots of the desired CSV and the CSV by Make.

The screenshot of your desired CSV is not achievable, because you cannot have formatting like backgrounds in cells, bold text, and joined cells with centered text.

What you’re looking for is an excel document/spreadsheet.


I don’t really need theformatting. I just need to insert a constnat first line followed by a blank new line.

Therapists: John Smith

You should be able to use a “Compose a string” module to insert whatever text you want before or after the CSV:


Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

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