Ignore first row in CSV Import


I am trying to set up a scenario to monitor an email address for new emails with CSV attachments. I was able to extract the CSV and save it to a Google Drive. Unfortunately, the CSV file is not formatted correctly. I need to do the following:

  1. ignore/remove the first line of the file.
  2. import rows 2-14. Row 2 is the header row.
  3. create new columns
  4. insert data into new columns that is extracted from email.

I have attached a screenshot for reference. Any help would be appreciated.


What have you tried in make already?

I am really new to all of this so I have not tried anything. I don’t know where to begin. I am not a developer but rather rely on no code solutions.

:+1: that’s good to know. If you want someone to spend time to build your scenario for you, you may be waiting a long time. The experts here can help but many of them make a living building scenarios for others.

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