Can't figure out how to remove text from a Slack message

Hi friends,

I’m trying to do something that’s a little more advanced than my current abilities in Make and am hoping for some guidance please.

I’m creating an idea capture automation between Slack and Notion. Here’s how it works theoretically:

  • capture an idea in Slack and tag it by adding an emoji (e.g., product idea gets tagged with :building_construction:, which is included in the string as “: building_construction :”).
  • the message text gets passed through the text parser to remove the “: building_construction :” part of the string.
  • the remaining part of the text gets sent to the relevant Notion database.

I have successfully built this without the text parser module, but now I want the text to appear in Notion without the emoji text (i.e., the “: building_module :” part).

Here’s how it looks so far with me attempting to add the text parser:

Any idea what I should be doing differently here to resolve this?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

You can use the Switch function and an API for emoji and symbols. API