Can't figure out what the names of the labels are on


My goal is to make some automations, preferably in scenario.

I would like:
When I click on a checkbox in Gsheet, it will create an item in Monday. I have managed to do this. Then I would like to change status in and that an email is sent from Make. For this I use standard email program, changing my SMTP data.

Ideally I would like this in one scenario, however I gave up and wanted to put it in 2 scenarios

In 2nd scenario I add a watch event, however I am having trouble retrieving the fields from so that system automatically adopts it in the mail program.

I am missing the data, such as:

  • Item name
  • Email address
  • Name

Can someone please help me with it?


What is in that value dropdown? The fields might be located inside that group of options. If not I would try the “Get an Item’s Column Value” module and map in the board ID and the columnID. Hope this helps.

Hi @MesoWorks
You can use ‘get an item’ module after the watch module by passing the pulse id, so that you can get all the mappable parameters there.

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