Hello guys!

Two questions:

  1. Trying to automate ABRA Flexibee and I get my data from Flexibee to Google sheets (for testing), then create a new line in Monday (that works). BUT:

In order to have a “update” which i can make automatization from in Monday I do have to go through Update in Make also.

When I select to map Item ID and map it to my order number I seem to gete a runtime error. (screenshots). I think I need to go through variable in there so I can’t see my mistake.

  1. Text parsing - One of my variable results are code:OO-OPA-ORR, I want to replace the “code:” with nothing so my result is just "OO-OPA-ORR. I tried text parsing "{{replace(1.typDokl; “Code:”; )}}) but I got nowhere with this. Am I supposed to use different tool than text parsing?

If you guys could help it would mean a lot.

Thank you!

The Item ID from always has only numbers. So your item id is in any case wrong.

To prove it you can disable the Map button from the item id and search for the item you have in > select it > enable the map button > you will see an id only containing numbers.

Conclusion: The input is wrong

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