Can't map Wiz form fields

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My fields on my Wiz contact form can’t be mapped for some reason. I can see them as output but they don’t allow for mapping for some reason.

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are in an array? Not technical…

You need to use map function to get this. For eg, Id you want First Name, then just use the following formula,

{{get(map(emptyarray; “Field Value”; “Field Name”; “First Name”); 1)}}

Replace, emptyarray wit your array i.e submission details. What this does is search for an array, that has Field Name equals to First Name, and it will return Field Value based on the search. The get function will then get the first results from the searched array.

You can review more on array function here.

Edit #1,

so for map to work, just hover over the results which will show you the raw field values, in your cause it seems like the Field Value is fieldValue, and for Field Name, it should be fieldName, Use the raw value of the array inside the map function that I wrote in above section.

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Thanks for your reply! Um where do I add that formula? I’ve noticed in the Wix module, there is no means to add something like that. Or are you referring to adding a seperate module which extropolates this before it’s sent to Airtable?

You need to use in the Airtable fields that you want to send the data to,

So, In airtable fields if it is a firstName then use,

{{get(map(emptyarray; “fieldValue”; “fieldName”; “First Name”); 1)}}

For Last Name you can then use,

{{get(map(emptyarray; “fieldValue”; “fieldName”; “Last Name”); 1)}}


Thanks mate! that worked. Really appreciate it.


Looks like I spoke too soon! Would my array be this given this is the log file output:

{ “contactId”: “2db5a4a7-6a09-417a-97c0-1d5f0ccb33f9”, “formName”: “Cover Boost Form”, “submissionTime”: “2023-04-04T14:38:00.711Z”, “submissionData”: [ { “fieldName”: “First Name”, “fieldValue”: “James” }, { “fieldName”: “Last Name”, “fieldValue”: “Gill” }, { “fieldName”: “Email*”, “fieldValue”: “” }, { “fieldName”: “Job Title”, “fieldValue”: “io” }, { “fieldName”: “Job Description”, “fieldValue”: “oi” } ] }

{{get(map(“submissionData”; “fieldValue”; “fieldName”; “Your Resume / CV”); 1)}}

or would it be:

{{get(map(submissionData; “fieldValue”; “fieldName”; “Your Resume / CV”); 1)}}


Aren’t they the same? For the map first input you need to pass the submissionData.

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