Can't select specific collection item

Hello! Newbie here, and am stumped on something. I’ve created a flow where I create a shipment with Shippo, and it returns a collection of rates (cheapest, fastest, etc.). I want to then create a label informed by business logic on which option to choose (first result is always best value, second is always fastest, third is always cheapest), but in the create label module, I can’t select a specific item in the collection. In the first screenshot below, you can see the collection of rates, but in the second one, I can’t expand it, so cannot select the collection I want based on the need.

I have sort of found a workaround by transforming to json and then parsing it (screenshot),

but I haven’t found a way to select just the json node I want to send to Shippo to purchase the label. For now, in my testing account, it runs three times for each label. In the screenshot below, you can see that there are 3 bunldes available after the parse json module.

But in the create label module, I can’t select a specific bundle to act on, and it just iterates through all 3:

I’d like to understand why the collection isn’t expandable (so I can select the index of the result I want) without using the json tools, or any workarounds for how to limit the shippo module to just one of the collections from the output of the json parse.

Appreciate any help : )

Hi @ackerman

I observed that ‘Rates’ is an array. You cannot directly apply mapping to the values within the array. Therefore, to retrieve the array’s contents, you either need to use an iterator for retrieve collection or utilize the ‘map’ function along with the ‘get’ .

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Thank you so much - this is exactly what I was looking for, and your video explaining it was super helpful! Really appreciate it : )